The Great Unimaginer

by This Hideous Strength

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released December 14, 2010

This Hideous Strength is David Durden, Jeff Hill, Tyran Steedley, and Nick Palombo.



all rights reserved


This Hideous Strength Valdosta, Georgia

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Track Name: The Sleeper Must Awaken
so now we've come to this
the circle is complete
willingly, we digress
the light's too bright
Track Name: Prophets
tribute, payed in outdated reverence
fools frolic and follow, no second glance
blood spilled in the name of god
is blood spilled in the name of nothing
everything that began
began only as it could
but now we've outgrown this
smoke and mirrors, a child's comfort
faith is an anchor
the heaviest of all
it has one purpose
to make us fall
there is no god and we are all his prophets
excellent annihilation
Track Name: The Return
shining so brightly to scorch your flesh and set your hair on fire
the world's widows' tears will wash my feet
oh great discordia!
men's backs will pave my path
worship me until your mouths bleed
fulfill prophecy
forgotten and erased by mankind's short memory
inhaling peace, exhaling war
turning blood to water
this is not a staircase
it's a cliff
i am no father
i have no son
my name is master
i am but one
worship me until your mouths bleed
Track Name: The Architects of Truth
imperfection must be purified
the great migration must begin now
truth and beauty found in the code
the great migration has begun now
sleeping (sleeping so long)
dreaming (dreaming to wake)
floating (sleeping so long)
floating (dreaming to wake)
wrapped in robes light and numbers
no care for petty flesh
death shall have no dominion
we are the brothers and fathers
keepers of covenants
death shall have no dominion
eternal dreams inside the source
will grow the garden of god
death will become dominion
minds infused with perfect numbers
bodies left empty shells
we are the architects of truth
we are the chosen few
let the waves crash down
let the sea reclaim the earth
we will be far away from here
with no care for this carbon world
we are the architects of truth
we are the chosen few
we are the architects of truth
keepers of covenants
now comes the awakening of, blessed birth of, god machines
rendering our final judgments, silencing all blasphemies
uploading self, ending transmission
Track Name: Sons of the True Path
technology is my salvation
theology has been forsaken
set fire to the fields
consume the non-believers
burry not one of them
reveal their blasphemy
we are but sons and daughters
and we can not be saved
our souls and bodies forfeit
we've brought the final days
we are but metal machines
no flesh left to speak of
heretics bow and despair
repentence not enough
our fathers delegated this task to us
in great intelligence
they've gone before, leaving us to turn earth to dust
in great intelligence
no more open hands
only iron fists and flame throwers
we were created to serve, never to feel hate or love
our sermon is that of the mushroom cloud
no more open hands, only flames and iron fists
this was our task, we've done it gladly
Track Name: Until Perfection
a puppet whose strings are invisible
lipless, lidless, blood dried to dust
father, fuhrer, savior supreme
a walking horror, blind adherence
life continued decades to centuries
malevolence that will not die
soul and body bound together now
the gears turn in perfect sync
this center will hold
this great sick will
a haunted corpse
man is fused with machine
our science is a loving god
mutilate the flesh
existence denies death
no heart beat no breath
neverending and nonbeginning
imitating life with death filled disdainful eyes
our science is a loving god
no heartbeat no breath
this center will hold
Track Name: Back to the Future Part IV
the human race ends one birth at a time
just another mouth to fill with dirt
the pendulum has swung its final arc
descendant's descendance, dreams of sterility
the road to hell is paved with happy plans
always putting in order steps for the future
never understanding gifts that are bestowed
tomorrow is today, our clocks are inside out
now wheres my fucking jet pack?
degradation of the body and the mind
obscenity born of the boredom of our kind
apathy is our evil
reflections are our new found gods
no great deceiver here at the end
we will destroy ourselves with no helping hand
we will be silenced
no more our gears will spin
not from above or below
but from within
Track Name: My Brain's on Backwards
ten fathoms and we're not free
no excuse not to be beautiful
great change guided by our hand
opportunity awaits, evolve
ten fathoms and were not free
no excuse not to be beautiful
cathartic rapture beneath the sea
opportunity awaits, evolve
shrugging atlases and reason, happy new year
now our new beginning
mind and muscles contort
now our new beginning
experiment abort
my brain's on backwards
twist and contort
next injection
increase my worth